Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shrunken Apple Head Tutorial

The coolest Halloween craft that I have ever seen are these Shrunken Apple Heads. Seriously easy-peasy and spooky as hell.

Materials you'll need-

  • Firm apples, preferably unbruised. Granny Smith apple works best because of their perfect round shape but any apple will do. 
  • Knife
  • Marker/pencil to mark your face shape
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Stick or branch
  • Whatever you'd like to decorate your shrunken heads with

  1. Some people like to peel their apples first, but you can do either. Some of the shrunken apple heads below have been peeled, some not. Each has a different look. Core your apple.
  2. Draw your face with a pencil or marker on the apple. Make sure the features are large enough that when they're shrunken down that they won't be too small.
  3. Carve your face out
  4. Combine the lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Soak the apples for about 30 seconds and pat it dry.
  5. You can either set your apples in a warm dry place for several days, or you can stick them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 12 hours. You will need to hang them inside the oven to keep the apples from going flat. 
  6. When your apples are done drying, decorate them! These apples are decorated with corn husks, corn silk (the hair), beads, grains of rice (for the teeth) and even thread to do a little stitching.
  7. Finally, either insert a stick from the bottom or you can opt to hang them with a old metal hanger like in the photos. 

If you're curious about how well these will hold up, these pictures are of the shrunken apple heads that were created last Halloween! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

We've been married 10 years!

My wedding anniversary was last week and we've finally hit our decade mark. I can't believe we're here!

Here's a funny little embarrassing flashback for you -

//Backstory - Josh and I were high school sweethearts (been together since we were in 10th grade) and wanted to get married as soon as possible, and so we did despite what our parents were probably thinking. We got married at the justice of the peace in Cambridge, Maryland. When I watch this video below it just makes me laugh. I was SOOOO nervous and felt awkward as hell. Ha! Don't watch unless you're prepared to feel some major douche-chills.

And now, 10 years later - we're still pretty low-key. We honestly didn't even know what to do for our anniversary. We ended up hitting up a local burger joint and walked the mall for a bit. We were just stoked to be kid-free for a few hours. :)

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