Friday, November 14, 2014

Free Christmas Clip Art

I gathered up all my favorite vintagey Christmas clipart from around the internet. All free to use! I thought it would be cool to have everything all in one place. 

To download this in full resolution, click here. The actual download is HUGE because I wanted the clipart to all be a decent size to work with. Once you click the link it might appear that there is nothing on the screen but you're likely just looking at the white back ground of the image. Please share this on Pinterest and check out all of my other Christmas pins here

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Putting down roots

I have a feeling this post will be a bit sappy, but I just can't help it. I'm in general awe of how good things are going around here and I'm just totally stoked. I'm like that weirdo that is so happy that they can't help but share it with everyone, despite how annoying that can be.

Yesterday I saw a guy with no teeth going down the escalators with the biggest smile and waving to everyone as he went down. I happened to be going up on the parallel escalator and we had a moment of passing by each other. He waved with a big gummy smile and it made me smile, that guy was stoked to be on that escalator in the mall. His happiness and all around joy was so infectious you couldn't help but smile and wave back at him. I thought it was sweet and even though I'm not insanely waving to people everywhere I go, I feel like my heart is beaming in a weird way.

Philly has been awesome. I love being around my family, Josh and I scored jobs, fall weather... it's all been great. Josh is working overnights until school starts for him in January and I got a job at an eCommerce company in Old City. Without getting into it too much, I'm BEYOND excited to work for this company and it's been in my sights since August. Everything paid off and I start this Monday. I feel thankful for my family for really helping make this possible for us. I feel like I've been saved from the inevitable years of depression I would have suffered through in Phoenix.

For those that are kind of in the loop with this blog and my life on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- follow me there because lately I suck at updating this blog) this comes as no surprise to you- I was extremely unhappy the past few years. We had high hopes when Josh got out of the military, but the transition into civilian life was shitty for us. The west coast wasn't as good to us as it may have been for others and Phoenix was dead. I loved my job in Phoenix, but every other part of my life was so depressing. I had to really evaluate if I wanted to stay in a city that I couldn't stand just to stay at the job that I loved at Hello Merch. I ultimately made the decision to leave and while I was sad about it (I miss all of my old co-workers at Hello Apparel!), all the wonderful positive things in my life that have happened since moving has really helped me to cope.

Moving to Philly felt so risky despite my family reassuring me it would be okay (whaddaya know? They were right). I was so nervous because of the last 3 years being such a money suck. I couldn't allow myself to believe that moving AGAIN could be the answer when it had been nothing but awful for us every time. I felt like we were really going out on a limb with this but I'm so thankful that everything is paying off. Wyatt is noticeably happier. He often talks to me unwarranted about how he wants to live in PA forever. I'm not sure what the future will hold but I can say that I haven't been this settled in a long time and I'm in no rush to leave. I'm desperate to really put down some roots.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 DIY Christmas Gifts That Don't Suck

Again, I make no apologies for my Christmas posts from here until December 25th.  :)

I'm ALREADY thinking about low cost Christmas gifts for this year. I want to be able to give to everyone but I also would not like to go broke doing it. I've scoured the internet near and far for the past 2 days thinking of cool ideas that I'd like to do. Here's my top ten awesome DIY Christmas crafts that could probably be used for any gift. I hope this inspires you!

1. Coffee Scrub - supposedly coffee scrub is good for fading stretch marks? I just think it probably smells amazing. 
2. DIY Phone case- with this one it would require the giver to do a little research. What type of phone will you be making a case for? Either way it's as simple as a clear case and whatever interesting paper/design you fit into it. Skies the limit. 
3. DIY Outlet cover- I love this idea so much. I might make myself some.
4. Color-block crayon candles - Super bright and cheerful gift. Maybe add some essential oils for scent?
5. Bath bombs - Anything soapy is always a Christmas fail safe. -_-
6. Water Color Mugs - Might be the most fanciest DIY I've seen that requires zero effort.
7. Monogram Doormat - With barely hitting 13 dollars for the actual doormat (plus whatever costs in paint), this could be a really classy gift.
8. Beer Coasters - Have a beer lover in your life? You could make these while drinking a few.
9. Stamped Tote - Directions are in German but there are plenty of pictures. Very cute idea.
10. Menagerie Lids - This is an adorable DIY that would essentially cost you pennies! Everyone has spare jars and lids on hand.

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