Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cleaning day!

So I cleaned today. Did some laundry and rearranged the living room. Josh never wanted me to put the t.v. all caddy corner like that, but he's not here. HAHA. I do what I want. Anyway, yes, I know I need art (Jennifer). I still have the whole upstairs to do. Baby steps, baby steps. Maybe I'll start when I'm finished with this.

So, this is my living room currently. It's so plain and boring, and yet, I love it like this. I always feel calm in it.


  1. Yay for baby steps!! I LOVE how you have the two smaller tables as a coffee table...very Top Design! Eddie would approve.

  2. I love the windows! So much natural light must be great. It looks cozy.

  3. wow. thanks! it's really not that great. i mean, i like it and it's what the air force offers. so yeah, i'll take anything for free.


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