Saturday, February 28, 2009

i'm tired

Okay, I pee about once an hour now and I'm getting really tired. I just like to lay on the couch whenever I can. I want to work out during this pregnancy but it's just been hard for me. I feel no motivation to get off the couch.

Josh left for Germany today and then from there he goes to Kuwait. AND THEN FROM THERE! he goes to Iraq. Yay for the military (sarcasm). I'm really depressed lately and extremely emotional. I can pretty much cry at will now. I'm semi-thankful that Josh won't be here to experience me being a butt. They say that pregnancy can be hard on a marriage. So yeah, just trying to stay positive.


This is my Abbey Girl. She's rotten.


  1. your place is so nice... it's bright and comfy... I wish I could live in a place like that. Man, and you can have a dog!!! I'm not allowed to bring dogs into my place. :(

  2. i do love all the light that comes in. i am pretty lucky i guess. i live on base and they let you have dogs so that's good.


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