Wednesday, February 18, 2009

working it OUT OUT OUT

Yay for the Langley Gym! I've been trying to hit the gym every night. It's been hard and easy is so many different ways. First of all, I have a cold and it's hard for me to fight off the urge to nap since I'm pretty much masking this cold with numbing drugs. But it's been easy because I have NOTHING else to do since Josh is gone. Anyway, I'm really great when it comes to cardio... it's just the weight training I have issues with. It's intimidating and slightly embarrassing for me to do any weight training because there's always a thousand muscle dudes around. I feel really insecure about doing anything because I'm afraid my form will be wrong or that I'll just look stupid. Whatever, I need to just get over it. Or maybe get my own set of dumb bells. So tonight I did some leg lifts and 100 crunches after my cardio. THEN I GOT THE HECK OUT OF THERE. I spent a good hour and a half at the gym though. So i've been a good girl.

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