Sunday, March 8, 2009


Above is a self portrait I took before going to work. I'm wearing my THINK.ADOPT.LOVE. sweat shirt that is part of our "uniform" at the shelter. During the cold months I wear a jean jacket over top because it makes my arms look normal. The sweat shirt makes me look like a cow so it's nice to have a tight fitting jacket to bring things back to perspective. :)

Anyway, so speaking of weather, TODAY WAS 83! So I headed to the beach to get a tan. I ended up with a burn, so that's not good. Everyone keeps telling me that pregnant women burn faster but I didn't believe them. I think that this statement is probably true. The picture above was taken with my phone. I'm also trying to document my stomach now before the baby because I want to remember what it used to look like. I still have hope that I can go back to the way it is now, but incase it doesn't, I'll have documentation.


  1. Put on some clothes girl! Don't you know it is still winter.


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