Thursday, March 19, 2009

Summer 2008

I want summer to be here now! Today was around 70 degrees, but now it's probably dropped down to 40. I am so cold. The above picture is of my friends Jenny and Nicki and me! I wish I was that tan right now. The funny thing to me about this picture is that this is Jenny and I after a couple months of working out and doing Weight Watchers. And now we're both pregnant. I wonder what we're going to think of this picture when are kids are older?


  1. this is such a cute picture!!! was ur hair short? if yes, then I like it a lot...
    funny, cause I was about to post my summer pictures too... i guess we are all waiting for that weather to heat up...

  2. no, it was just pulled back in a pony. i miss summer! i need a tan!


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