Tuesday, April 21, 2009

12 weeks and 5 days

I have decided to go ahead and start one of those pregnancy week by week things that you see online. I went ahead and took a picture of me today. I felt self conscience about it because I'm not showing yet, I'm just getting pudgy. That's okay though. I can feel that my stomach is getting harder and not as jiggly as it was 2 weeks before. I'm not saying it's baby, but I definitely think I'm getting ready to show soon! I pretty much have called this time "Muffin Top" time. So sexy. I appologize if it looks like I'm trying to make something out of nothing, but I think it will be fun to document this time.


  1. I really like your tattoo...

  2. oh thanks. i have a matching one on the other side too.


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