Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yay for FitPregnancy!

So, I am almost 10 weeks and still no morning sickness. I think I'm not going to get that evil mess that God cursed so many women with! This makes me very happy. I feel slightly gross if I'm hungry, but as soon as I eat I'm golden. It's quite fabulous. Although, I feel like this makes me eat more than normal, so I'm learning to eat smaller more frequent meals.

I have also only gained around 4 lbs so far. I feel that this isn't really THAT bad for the first trimester. I still have two more weeks to go until I'm in the second trimester, and I feel like I've done "okay". I probably need to intake more water though. It's been a little bit difficult though because I can taste metal in the water, I was never able to taste it before.

I'm really trying to keep my work out routine too. I work out for about 40 minutes every morning on my eliptical. I really want to do some more weight training but I need to get some weights. Just a 5 or 10 pounder would be fine. It's hard for me to get to the gym because the times I want to work out are usually before work or after, and I always feel guilty leaving my dog alone even more after work. So I've just been working out at the house. It's been working out fine but I wish I had a personal gym!

My mother-in-law sent me a subscription to FitPregnancy. It's pretty awesome. They have some cool workouts in there that you can do at home so it will make my personal fitness easier.


  1. I miss you sweetheart. I wish I could see you during this wonderful time.

    Love Ya.


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