Sunday, May 17, 2009

New to me Toy Box/Bench

Yay! I'm semi done the toy box/bench project. I found this toy box on the side of the road in my community. Since I live on a military base, people are moving in and out so quickly that they usually just discard their furniture on the side of the road. People usually grab what they like and leave the rest. I'm sure no one grabbed this because of how hideous it was, but I could see through all that. :)

I need to let the paint cure for a few weeks though (it's humid and wet out a lot lately) and I want the paint to set before I start using it. All I really need to do is just put on the new white hinges that I bought from Wal-Mart. I'm scared to do this though because I don't want to mess it up. I think it will be very nice and crisp for the baby/me. Although, I'm probably going to leave this toy box downstairs for awhile until the baby is old enough to play upstairs in it's room by itself (I hate refering to it as an "it"). Anyway, I am really proud of this toy box/bench. It has 5-6 coats of paint on it. I started to lose track actually. First I of course sanded it, removed the hard wear, wiped it down real good, and then painted away. So yep, that's that. Now I'm hoping to find some sort of washable seat cushion to put on it. Won't that be nice?


  1. Looks great!!! DIY is the best!!!

  2. This is my favorite color green. It looks good. You could buy a piece of foam from Joann's or Michael's, etc and cover it with a piece of material. Just pull it tight and safety pin it on. This wouldn't be waterproof, but you could always remove the material if it got wet/dirty. Jennifer probably has better ideas.

  3. Now I will have to fill it with stuff animals for my first Grandchild.

    Looks great. I really like the green/white combo.


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