Thursday, June 18, 2009

21 weeks!

Yay! I'm 21 weeks pregnant today! This is going by so fast! I really can't believe it! I can feel him a little bit more lately. Nothing too crazy yet. Just some squirming. But the squirming does feel stronger.

I've also been trying to keep busy with some fun little art projects. I tye dyed one of the onesies, and did fabric paint stamps on 2 of them. One didn't work out, I'm sure you can tell which one that is. But oh well. And then I did some iron on patches. It's fun!


  1. wow. good job. looks so cute...the tie dye onesie is the best!!!

  2. i really like all of these, especially the octopus and robot. and tye dye! great job!

  3. Really super cute! I think I want to do a tye dye project with the kids!!!


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