Thursday, June 11, 2009

holy cow.

I can't believe I'm already 20 weeks. Look at my belly! It's getting bigger! Who would have thought?! As you can tell, I'm wearing a different bathing suit. The bottoms are from my Aunt Nancy and the top is from Target. I had to get a new top, I'm sure I don't need to explain that. And the bottoms are maternity so they fit a lot better. I like how they don't match, but kinda match at the same time.

And this is a picture of one of the kitten's I'm fostering. He's a mix siamese and he's only 6 weeks old. I'm waiting until he's big enough to neuter before taking him back to the shelter. We need people to do this so badly but it's hard to find someone who has the extra time to feed and care for kittens. If I didn't foster them, they'd probably would have been euthanized. It's a fact of life, but I was feeling a little guilty about it that day. Anyway, there are 6 total and they're so gross. I'm a little sick of dealing with cat crap.

I've also went ahead and bought 3 pairs of Fuzzibunz diapers. I got the one size ones and I think this is going to be great. They're expensive at first (18.95 a diaper) but the upfront cost outweighs the cost of disposable diapersm in the long run. I'm going to get a few every once in awhile from here on out and then hopefully I'll have enough for when Wyatt comes. I'm also looking into gdiapers too. I like the idea of the pocket diaper and it seems to probably fit my life style. I talked to Josh about it and at first he was like, "UGH! SICK, GROSS!" but then I told him about the cost of disposables and he quickly changed his tune. Josh is a sucker for saving money. He would do anything to save money I think. Here is a picture of the Fuzzibunz diapers. I got them in royal blue, but they have a bunch of different colors. They are waaaay cuter than disposable mickey mouse diapers.


  1. My, Jess you really are having a baby!

  2. I see you put your belly ring back in!

  3. Swimming suit is great!!! Who knew that different polka dots can look this stylish??? And can you explain how those diapers work? do you wash them? i'm really curious.

  4. yeah, you wash them. they have an insert that goes in them, kinda like a pad. and you wash that too. but you pull at the pad and kinda like, dump the remnants in the toilet (sorry!). it sounds really gross, but dealing with any diaper is gross. and it's sickening to me to have a bag of dirty diapers in my house waiting to go out to the curb. i figure mind as well flush it. anyway, it's a HUGE money saver.


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