Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maternity clothes

So I thought I'd update a picture of me since I haven't updated on this thing. I feel a need to only update when I have a picture to upload with it. When I look at people's blogs, I always scroll through the ones with the pictures. Anyway, so here's a picture! Tomorrow I'm doing the official new week picture, so I guess it's kinda cheating to have this one up today. Oh well.

I have a ton of errands I need to run. One of them is taking the clothes to the laundry mat to dry them (I only have a washer). Josh swears we'll get a dryer when he comes back... but he also REALLY wants a PS3. Dumb. I hope he enjoys looking at it under the T.V. because he's got a world of hurt coming towards him if he thinks he's going to be playing on that thing all day.

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