Monday, July 20, 2009

26 weeks pregnant

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today and I'm just not that excited. This has been a pretty awful week. My dad is having struggles with cancer and is planning on moving back to the east coast next month, and then my Grandma died a few days ago. It was all so sudden because she passed in her sleep. My Grandfather is beyond devestated and I feel so awful for him. I stayed with him one night a few days ago but I had to drive back home to check on the cats and get my stuff aligned. I'm driving back to Maryland on Wednesday and picking up my Dad from the airport. Even though the circumstances are beyond horrible, this is the most exciting thing for me this week. I want to just spend as much time with my Dad as I can. :)

Oh, and my cousin just joined the Army! I'm worried about him too but I'm so proud of him. It's a huge thing and I don't think people realize it. This will definitely change his life inside and out. I will miss him and definitely think of him for the next 16 weeks.

Anyway, here I am at 26 weeks.

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