Monday, July 27, 2009

Grandma's Memorial

Well, my week was pretty full. I attended my grandmother's memorial service in Federalsburg, Maryland. It was bittersweet. Although she died, she will forever be remembered and loved by all of us. So many people came out that I was surprised. We planted a crimson oak in her honor. My poor grandpa...

Some pictures were taken from the week too. It's not very common for all of us to be together at one time, so people had their cameras. I meant to take pictures but I was too busy socializing to be bothered with it. These are from my dad's camera.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Imperial, California to go visit my family. I'll be sure to take pictures while I'm out there because the mood will be lighter. :)

And I'm skipping my 27 week photoshoot. I just feel like skipping it.

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