Monday, August 10, 2009

29 weeks pregnant

I can't freakin' believe it. I'm 29 weeks already. I'm starting to feel really big. I'm scared that my belly button ring hole is going to stretch. It's on it's way and I'm super paranoid about it. Well anyway, I know it's not the end of the world... But I've come this far already without any and I'd like to see if I could go all the way. I am so vain I guess.

Anyway, today I had to do that 3 hour Gestational Diabetes Screening. IT SUCKED. I sat in the lobby for a total of 4 hours because the lab was so busy for the first hour. I was thinking that they better get to me before I freak out or like, dry heave. I wasn't allowed to eat for 12 hours beforehand, so I'm sure you can imagine how weak and nauseated I felt. So every hour they drew my blood after drinking the gluclose drink again. I was rather happy to get that drink actually because I felt so weak for not having anything in my system. Now I'm just waiting for the results which I was supposed to get today, but no one called. Sometimes I hate anything to do with medical stuff. I know that they have a busy job and everything, but can't they make a simple phone call to let me know the results? Psh. So now I'm worried.
Okay, so I have less than 2 weeks until Josh comes home. I am soo soo soooooo HAPPY.

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