Friday, August 28, 2009

just to let you know, TMI

Okay, before you start reading this, just know I will be talking about things that may make some uncomfortable...

Well, I'm going for it.

Last night Josh and I went to the mall and was walking around. I was having a weird stabbing vaginal pain that would spike up randomly. I wasn't sure what it was but sitting down made it feel better. Not only that, but I have had really bad back pain for the last week or so. So I just took the back pain as just one of those things I just have to deal with since I'm pregnant. But the vaginal pain!? That pain was no joke. So we went home and I looked online at some of the things it could be. I only found one real issue and that was that it could possibly be the dilating of my cervix. After thinking and freaking out about it I decided to just go ahead and go to the Labor and Delivery Ward and they ran some tests on me. Anyway, at the end of all of this, it ended up just being that I was dehydrated. So dumb! I was really embarrassed at the end of all of it. But it was kinda nice for Josh to hear his heartbeat and see how much it sucks to be a woman. Of course they did a pap right in front of him. He was so uncomfortable, he just stared at his phone the whole time. Very unsexy. 3 nurses hunched over my exposed crotch was something I wasn't prepared for. But it ended up all working out at the end.

So anyway, Josh took a picture of me after we found out it was really nothing.


  1. maybe you will listen to the old man one day. Keep my grandbaby safe. Love you.


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