Wednesday, September 16, 2009

34 weeks, 2 days

Okay, I'm freakin' done. I do not want to be pregnant ANYMORE. My back hurts and so does other parts that I would rather not talk about. PLUS- I have stretch marks. I didn't even know that I had them. I was bragging to my friend about how I didn't have any and she graciously showed me that I did. They are flat with my skin right now, but as soon as this baby comes out they will be noticable. I'm pretty upset. I hate to be vain but, oh well, I'm vain. I already knew that my belly button piercing had stretched, and I didn't really care about that. BUT NOT MY ENTIRE LOWER HALF OF MY BELLY! I can't hardly stand for more than a half and hour and my hands swell a lot at night. I officially can't wear my wedding ring. OH! and the acid reflux makes me want to throw up. The weirdest things make me have it too, like Gatorade. Of course I will wait as long as I have to, but I wish I could just fast forward time. Sorry for complaining...

Okay, so now it's time for some nursery pictures. The room is not done, but we have all the major things. Now it's just time for all the fun stuff to get. I need all the fun baby accessories. hahaha


  1. hi. your nursery looks great! you will be such a good mom. mom with taste! and i like that shelf. did you get it at Ikea? I wanted a similar one, but now since I moved to a smaller place I have no space to put it.

  2. yeah it is. it was so cheap too! it's called expedit and it has lots of different sizes to choose from.

  3. Wow Jess. Your baby room really looks good. And so do you.


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