Friday, December 11, 2009

good morning

Things have been pretty good over here. I have been taking Wyatt to more places. I have found that the stimulation has been really good for him. He likes looking around at the mall and it actually puts him to sleep. If he ever gets tired of it, I just put him in the snugli and we're good to go. Plus it's been fabulous for me to get out of the house.

Anyway, I need to get my stuff ready soon for my trip back to Maryland for Christmas. I'm going to be busy the day before I leave so Wyatt can get his first shots. I'm really hoping he'll be okay for the trip. I've heard that sometimes babies get fussy for a few days after shots... so not too thrilled about it. I'm assuming that I should get all my packing done before this happens, so things will be a bit easier on me. My poor little baby. I'm nervous for him. Who knows? Maybe he won't care? I doubt it though.

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