Thursday, February 18, 2010

13 thursday

Here's a list of 13 things that have been on my mind this week.

1. Is Wyatt developmentally delayed? I know this is stupid. I just worry because I want him to excel in his baby-dom. But today he rolled over twice so I'm relieved.

2. Moving. Housing is supposed to be calling us soon to tell us when we have to move. My neighbors are moving on the 22nd and they're getting one of the cool new houses with a garage... I fear that all the houses with the garages will be taken because I have yet to be called. We'll probably get those sucky duplexes that are smaller than what we're living in now and have to sacrifice our carport. I'm really depressed about this.

3. Why some of my friend's refuse to hang out with me without their husband's present. I can't say who, but it's really annoying. I like having it just be the girl's. Is that just me?

4. Okay, sorry for the people who are related to me that are reading this, but I've been thinking about the dirty and how I never do it anymore. I'm trying to take time to fit this in my schedule, but it's all about Wyatt for me and then going to sleep. I'm a bad wife.

5. My house is a disaster zone. Baby stuff is everywhere and this is not what I wanted. Why can't they make ascetically pleasing baby stuff that isn't a million dollars?

6. Dexter. I've seen seasons 1 through 3 and only 20 minutes of the first episode of the 4th season. I can't seem to find the time to watch any. I'm super into this show and it's totally fun and awesome to watch.

7. I'm really missing my Dad and I'm thinking about how long does the grieving process take. I think I'm in a denial stage right now. I keep thinking that Dad is in Afghanistan again or something. I'm used to not seeing him for long periods of time, so it just sorta feels like that. I wonder if it'll hit me later?

8. I need to lose weight! I have gained like 20 pounds! I would like to work out but it's impossible for me to fit it in. I guess I could go to the gym at 6 in the morning when Josh comes home from work. But I really don't want to get up early. I guess when I decide enough is enough I'll make the sacrifice and lose sleep... but I'm not quite there yet.

9. Where we'll live after the military. We'd like to go to California where Josh's family lives. Josh has really stuck around here and kept me generally close to my family. He hasn't lived near his family in 5 years... isn't that terrible? He is really missing them.

10. My friend Lindsay is having a boy and I'm sending her a huge package of clothes that Wyatt has outgrown. I'm really excited to do this because that was what was done for me. It was a huge help and I didn't have to buy anything. She already has two girls so she's loaded with girly stuff. It'll be fun for her to switch it up a little bit.

11. When will I stop nursing? I would like to do it for a year, but Josh seems to think 6 months is good enough. He actually tried to push the argument that he is my husband and should have some say. Isn't that ridiculous? I have to admit that I'm anxious to be more dependent from Wyatt, but I really enjoy nursing him and he's given up his pacifier now... so nursing is all I got to console him sometimes. I'll have to think about this one some more.

12. I really hope that Wyatt can have a brother or a sister. Josh is completely adamant about not having anymore children. I really want to have another baby soon... not like tomorrow or anything, but maybe in a year I'd like to get pregnant. I want Wyatt to be close in age with his sibling.

13. Shaun White. He's ugly, but he's a rockin' snowboarder... and he has a pretty awesome line at Target for boy's clothes. I was eyein' them today and I can't wait for Wyatt to get bigger so he can rock some of his duds!


  1. Some thoughts on your thoughts...
    1. No
    2. It'll be fun and you live in VA, not Alaska any more, so garages are only a bonus.
    3. Schedule a Girls Only Night.
    4. All I can say here is just find the time, even if you have to set your alarm clock. Your body (an dyour husband will thank you.)
    5. Baskets are essential.
    6. I haven't seen it, but I'm not a good one to talk. It's only week 3 of Lost and I've already missed an episode.
    7. I miss him too. I don't think it ever goes away. (Sorry.)
    8. We won't discuss this.
    9. We'll miss you in Cali, but you have to do what is best for your family.
    10. Boys are wonderful. So is giving.
    11. Look for signs, you'll figure it out. But also remember that you are not a single parent. Josh's opinion does matter.
    12. Ditto... but this is a hard one.
    13. I would kill myself if I even pretended to move like Shaun White... 'nuff said.
    14. I love you.

  2. Great list! By the way, I'm still nursing and my Luke is nearly 30-months. I didn't go nearly this long with my Sam, tho. It depends on the baby...and the Mama!! :o)


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