Saturday, February 6, 2010

California Family

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A couple weeks ago we spent it in California visiting my husband's family. Like I said in previous posts, the weather was amazing and I wish this ice box of a state could learn a lesson or two from California. It was a super fun time and it was great getting to know my husband's side a little better. I barely know them I'm afraid. We live all the way on the other side of the country and I've only been around them twice my entire life. They seem to accept me okay though, so that's pretty cool. I feel like I stand out from them big time unfortunately. I'm a tad bit of a prude. Josh's family isn't afraid to say what they think and they're loud and proud. It's great and all, but it's hard for me to be so crude. They have conversations that can make you blush. Oh well. They are so loving and would do anything for each other, so there isn't much bad you can really say. I know that they would be there for me no matter what. Josh wants to move out there so bad. I hate that he doesn't get to see his family and always has to sacrifice in that way. We hope to one day be out there. I owe it to him. He has put my needs and wants before his, and I appreciate it. It means a lot to Josh to raise Wyatt in California. He want there to be lots of options for his son, different things to experience. I don't know, but I miss sunshine already!

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  1. I like the second photo... it looks like you were having fun. As far as them saying whatever is on the minds... you must be spending too much time in VA and not MD, 'cause I'm pretty certain you'd be blushing round here too.

  2. What part of Cali? I am from Huntington Beach, Ca :) It is Southern and I miss it!


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