Monday, February 22, 2010

A month in pictures

I'm going to be doing a post everyday in pictures soon. I'm going to start it next month, but below is the list to follow everyday. I thought I'd give everyone a heads up now so they can prepare. Keep your cameras with you! Just snap anything that seems to capture the essence of the subject. 

1. Structure
2. Follow
3. Covet
4. Triple
5. Hands
6. Eye
7. Fancy
8. Time
9. Rainbow
10. Sadness
11. Stack
12. Line up
13. Wheels
14. An insect
15. Into the air
16. Direction
17. New
18. Half
19. Set up
20. 10 minutes away
21. In my mailbox
22. Sometimes
23. Bottle
24. Behind the scenes
25. Corner
26. A door

I'm tagging VanessaAmandaSamMarCitymouseJennifer, and Olya! I would really like to see what you guys come up with. Remember, it starts in March!

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