Monday, February 8, 2010

my day, step by step

I've been sitting here for about 45 minutes searching through my pictures, looking for inspiration to blog about. I couldn't find anything and I thought I'd simply walk you through my day, step by step.

6:50 am - Wyatt was doing his little squirmy I-want-to-wake-up movements and I was still holding on to sweet sleep. I went ahead and gave in. There is NOTHING more cuter than Wyatt in the morning. He has the biggest happiest smiles. I really should document it, but who takes pictures at 6:50 in the morning. Note to self, leave camera on night stand tonight.

7:30 am - I came downstairs and ate cereal on the floor of the living room. Wyatt laid on the floor while I did this. He talked to himself the whole time. When I was finished I went back upstairs and played with Wyatt for a little bit more. It was fun.

8:15 am - Sleep!

10:37 am - I can't believe Wyatt let me sleep to this time! For some reason I remember the exact time I woke up. I think it was because I was in utter shock when I saw how late it was. I laid there for a little while listening to Jennifer play Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the bathroom.

10:45 am - Okay, we go downstairs finally. I changed Wyatt's diaper. Uncle Donny came over to borrow Jennifer's truck and before he left we got a tutorial on how to use her super gourmet coffee maker. I still have no idea on how to use it, but maybe I will try to relearn.

12:30 pm - Shower time! Sam brought Wyatt into the shower with me so I can wash him up. He loves when I do this. When I was done showering she took him back and dressed him for me. I heard him screaming all the way downstairs. Do not take Wyatt out of the bath/shower or he will be pissed! I think he hates feeling cold (who doesn't). I watched a soap opera with Sam. There was this guy on there claiming to be a father of another guy when he obviously was the same age. When it was questioned to why he looked so young, the guy said he had mastered the reversal of the aging process and that he was his long lost father from long ago. Funny stuff.

2:30 pm - We all decided to go to Mom Mom's. On the way we listened to a Disney soundtrack that Jennifer had made 10 years ago. The ice on the roads weren't too bad, but in some spots it was just awful. Thank goodness for Jennifer's excellent driving skills. :)

2:45 pm - We get to Mom Mom's and Aunt Tami and the gang are all there. We hung out and laughed together and Nick (my brother) accidently saw my boob when I was about to nurse Wyatt. It was funny, but not to him. He denies seeing it, but I know he did because he about died.

4:00 pm - Left Mom Mom's and listened to that Disney soundtrack again. Nick sang along to the Lion King's Hakuna ma ta ta, you know, the part where Simba all goes, "Hakuuuuuuuuuuna Ma Ta Ta!" all high pitched and stuff. We all laughed a bit about this.

4:20 pm - Sitting in the Food Lion parking lot since Wyatt is still asleep and sleep is very precious. Jennifer went in to grab a few things since it's supposed to snow AGAIN.

5:00 pm - We left Food Lion and came home. Wyatt was still asleep so I put him upstairs to finish his nap.

6:30 pm - Nothing was really happening. We were getting settled in and started Dexter back up.

6:50 pm - Wyatt starts freakin' out and I put him back to sleep. Peace!

8:00 pm - FOOD! Jennifer made us dinner! Spaghetti! Sam doesn't like spaghetti though so she ended up throwing hers out. I of course ate every bite. I'll eat anything though.

8:26 pm - I'm wrapping up this blog post. Sorry it was so boring. Like I said before, I couldn't think of anything to blog about.


  1. I know that soap... crazy since I work full time, huh? Also... are you sure Nick wasn't referring to your ta tas and not Hakunas? Don't you hate it when you want to write and you aren't sure what to say?

  2. yeah totally. i sometimes google "blog topics" for inspiration.

  3. Haha! It's not boring at all actually!!! I like everything that Wyatt was doing:)) he's so cute!!!
    P. S. Don't forget to enter the Ate contest!!! Only one day left!!!


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