Friday, February 12, 2010


One of my most favorite things in this world is snacking and hanging out in the kitchen with my family. Some of my treasured memories growing up are from around the table. There is something comforting about food and conversation. I can always count on some sort of finger food when I come home, thanks to my Aunt Debi. She is sorta known for always having some sort of delicious cheese ball in her fridge. I admire her ability to host on command. Aunt Debi, do you have some secret freezer full of port wine cheese balls? garlic stuffed olives? buttery crackers? We'll never know your secrets. :)


Since we've had all this snow, we've spent a lot of extra time together. I took this shot of the massive pile of snowy, dirty shoes. I thought it was kinda cute.

Someone even took off their jeans.... jeez.



  1. Awww... thanks. I pretty much believe if you have cheese, olives and booze you can have a party.

    I am also thankful we got the back door dug out so that mess is gone from my hall! I think Garrett's pants were frozen upright.

  2. snacks!! yum!! my favorite type of food!


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