Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day

Today was one of the first sunny days that we've had in a while. It was nice. I went with my brother and cousins to go sledding, which was very short lived. I took this shot of them from the back as we were walking home.


I brought Wyatt with me, which is why it was short lived. Doesn't he look cold? Poor thing.


Look at how insanely adorable my son is...


Anyway, today is my Dad's birthday. It's a really big bummer for me and my family. We're holding up pretty well though. My Step Mom and Aunt and Uncle went out to Tanuki's to celebrate. I hope they're living it up eating sushi and drinking martinis. Sam, Nick, and I are watching the food network and hanging out. I feel really tired but I really want to wait to see Jennifer when she comes back. Maybe she'll be feeling a little extra "happy"... that would be funny!

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