Friday, March 26, 2010

down 7.2

Weight Watchers is going very smoothly. I have now lost 7.2 pounds. So excellent! I'm really getting anxious to get back down to my pre-baby weight. Bathing suits are in sight!

If anyone has any questions about Weight Watchers, I'm happy to answer any. It's a super awesome lifestyle and very easy to follow. Forget what you've heard about how confusing counting points are, all those fools are wrong. It's crazy easy and really works for me. And you don't feel like you're dieting at all.

Is it shameless of me to post these arrogant pictures?

I just really like my hair and make up today. I'm not even doing anything or going anywhere. The rest of my outfit sucks. I have a Salisbury Zoo t-shirt on and some green sweat pants. It's kinda rainy and cold today (53 degrees). When you've been having upper 70 degree days everything else just feels cold.

Wyatt has taken so many naps today. I think he's bored. He's used to going out every day and walking the mall or something. I've taken 2 naps today actually. I'm bored too. I'm starting to feel guilty about dragging my son out everyday. I'm worried he's not going to develop properly being stuck in a car seat or stroller for hours. How could he possibly learn to crawl? or walk? Is this why he hasn't rolled over yet? Did I do this to my baby? I'm so freakin' scared about this people. Is it normal for him to not have rolled over yet? All these stupid milestone things that the doctor's scare you with can really do a toll on your brain.

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  1. I wouldn't worry==all babies do things at different times. Once a day just lay with him on a blanket on the floor with toys and one day BOOM he'll just do it. LOVE your makeup today too


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