Monday, March 8, 2010

kill me

Oh my freakin' God. Moving is the WORST thing I could ever imagine doing while having a 5 month old. No, seriously. If Wyatt were older, we'd have a serious, serious talk. And maybe he'd be grounded. He was absolutely TERRIBLE... okay, he was just not used to NOT being the center of attention. Since Josh is working nights I have to pretty much pack all our stuff up by myself so he can sleep during the day. So Wyatt is very displeased with this. I pretty much rotate him between the excersaucer, highchair, bumbo, and baby bjorn. I want to die. I'm so sick of hearing him scream bloody murder... AH! Anyway, I think I pretty much got most of it done. My friend's are coming over tomorrow to help me move. Between 3 cars, I hope we don't have to take TOO many trips. But I'm looking at this massive wall-o-stuff and I'm super overwhelmed. My friend's have a baby too, so tomorrow might just be very challenging. I need to just stay positive and go with the flow. Whatever doesn't get taken over there will eventually get over there I guess. We have till the 19th, but I need to take advantage of help when I can get it. It's hard doing this on my own. Thursday we're renting a small truck to load up the furniture. Will this ever end?!


Sorry that this is taken with my cell. My camera is packed. :(

Well, I should go to bed while I can. It's after midnight and Wyatt has been getting up at 6 every morning.


  1. Isn't moving fun!? It's like birth, terrible in the middle of it but soon enough it's done and over and you have a lovely bouncing to show for it.

  2. :) Oh em gee! I feel your pain. I moved several times with AIdyn-man! You are a strong woman! You'll make it through, and your apartment will look great! :)

    Remember, as much as it pains us, crying doesn't hurt babies! As long as he is clean, and fed, crying isn't a bad thing! Took me a while to learn that, but it was most helpful when I did!


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