Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mom Hair

mom hair. 

I had to do it. Wyatt was pulling on my hair like crazy and it was seriously always in the way. I'm happy/sad that I got it cut. 

UPSIDE - Healthier. Easier to do in the morning. 
DOWNSIDE - I look like a freakin' Mom.


  1. I did it too, I cried. It was too much to keep my kid from pulling it, etc. I cut it, I regretted it, I am growing it back---but in the mean time it's healthier.

  2. I think you look adorable. Give him another year, and you can grow it back out!

    You may look like a momma.. but a hott mama that is!!! :)

  3. Awww... it looks kinda the same, only shorter. Besides, you know mom hair can be hot too. It's just the baby puke on a mom's clothes that detract from it.

  4. Jess, I like it! Your hair looks great, you look beautiful, and Wyatt is just a doll!


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