Saturday, March 6, 2010

my fail safe

I was inspired by Adventures of JKL's post about her favorite baby items, so I thought I'd do my own post.

1. BOPPY SWING! My son likes it pretty well and has been my favorite baby item thus far.

2. Binkigrip pacifier holder. For obvious reasons. (not my baby)

Yo! Gabba Gabba - Party In My Tummy from Sundtrak on Vimeo.

3. YO GABBA GABBA. My son becomes a drooling zombie when this is on. It's freakin' awesome.

4. Wyatt's absolute favorite toy! I am so thankful for this thing.

5. Bumbo seat. It's great to put him in it and then go do whatever I need to do for a little bit. It's pretty sweet.

6. LUVS diapers. Cheap and work great! It's practically the same as pampers in my opinion.

7. Boppy Pillow. I used it a lot in the beginning, but not so much now. But it really saved my back when I was nursing Wyatt every 2 hours.

8. Pampers Sensitive Wipes work the best. They are sorta "oily" and so they clean smoothly. Not to be gross or anything. :)

9. I love this thing. JJ Cole Urban Bunting. In the winter months it's made Wyatt a lot more comfortable. It's so warm that I have found him sweating in it... which is better than freezing.

10. The Mommy Hook is great for hanging stuff off your stroller. I hang my purse off my stroller especially with this thing.

11. Eddie Bauer travel system. It's just nice.

12. Avent pacifers! This is a new discovery. I was giving Wyatt the NUK pacifier, but he was never able to keep it in his mouth. Very weird. Anyway, I got a free Avent in the mail and gave it to Wyatt and BAM! He just took to it. It's been great because I'm trying to keep Wyatt from thumb sucking.

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  1. i have that eddie bauer travel system, its awesome! i love the padding that came in both the seat and the stroller.

    love everything else too, we used the soothie pacies and those were OK but the gerber ones stayed in amazing!!!! I never tried the advent ones but its nice to know that those stay in too. I hate the mam and the nuk ones lol


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