Friday, March 26, 2010

please settle this fight

Yo Gabba Gabba keeps Wyatt in a brain numbing trance. He doesn't even notice that he's on his belly, which he hates and would rather have toothpicks shoved up his finger nails instead.

Do we look alike to you? This is an ongoing fight between Josh and I. He believes that Wyatt looks more like him, and of course I think he looks like me. I mean, we have the same nose and mouth, and occasionally we have similar eyes.

So please settle this fight.


  1. Hands down, he looks like you, especially the nose

  2. No fair - you have to post a picture of Wyatt and Josh together too, just to be fair. This might come up as Dave but it's me.

  3. I think Wyatt looks like u in every possible way!


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