Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a rant

Things that suck:

1. Someone went in our car last night and stole a bag of Target stuff that I bought the other day. It was all stuff for Josh's future deployment (not scheduled fyi). I had to re-buy it all (65 dollars worth) because he needs it all for tonight. And they left all our doors open including the trunk, and left cigarette ashes on the seats. Oh, and the interior lights were left on all night too. Thanks Mr. Robber!

2. I have some sort of chemical burn or something from my face wash. I used astringent after wiping my face with Pond's make up remover and I had some sort of weird irritation. It sucked. It hurts and my neck is super inflamed.

3. Right before I got my haircut (again) Wyatt pooped big time... and of course I had no more diapers on hand. So I made a makeshift diaper out of a onesie... which he peed through naturally and got my jeans all wet.

4. I finally got my period TODAY after not having one for 14 months.

Things that rock:

1. Weight Watchers. Down 4.6 pounds! (you can sorta see my inflamed neck)

2. My new hair cut. It's finally how I want it. 

3. My perfect son.


  1. Dude getting our period back after baby SUCKS--I had gone 17 months. I would be so pissed about the car! Were your doors locked? The one night my husband forgot to lock my car someone rifled through it--but only took my carwash tokens---dicks!

    Hope things look up!
    Wyatt is super cute and so is your haircut!

  2. Well, great job on losing 4 pounds. Your hair looks super cute. Sorry about your skin, and being robbed. And I have to say...too funny that you fashioned a diaper out of a onesie.

  3. You poor thing! I hate mean people AKA robbers. Just know Karma is a Biyatch! Good job about the weight loss, and your son is ah door ah bull! :)


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