Saturday, March 6, 2010

the saddest songs

I was in the car today getting kinda emotional. Every song that played on the radio were songs that just "get" to me. I can't even describe it. Maybe it's the combination of the lyrics and the melody... but if I'm alone and listening to them, I. WILL. CRY. And I have to admit, I like it. Okay, so here's a few... I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget.

Sorry they're from youtube.

I obviously like these songs because of the way they make me feel when I listen to them.

Lynard Skynard - Freebird  It just makes me feel like life is just crazy and wild and we all just have to deal with it. And sometimes it just sucks.

The Beatles - Here come's the Sun  Reminds me of Wyatt and how much I love him. I wish I could remember all the lyrics because it'd be a really sweet lullaby to sing.

Elton John - Tiny Dancer I don't know. I just love it. Probably one of my absolute favorite songs ever... so much so that I get so excited when I hear it that I cry. Is that weird?

And obviously Ben Folds Five - Brick is depressing because well, it's about a girl who gets an abortion. But it mostly reminds me of my teen angsty years when I would sit in my room and wallow in pretend misery.


  1. music is something that no matter the mood we're in, we can always relate to it. music binds us with people, helps us to figure out who we are and gives us a reason to smile, even when life is dim and full of everyday stress. music can keep us alive and i dont know where i would be without it

  2. I am seeing "ben fold and a piano" at our local performing art center next month--hopefully it'll be good--never seen him in concert before.

    I recently put music bag to my blog and realized how some of the songs are super depressing----yikes need to mix it up a little.

  3. twas ashley, but thats ok : ) i really really like your blogs. kind of makes me want to do one..but i dont think anyone would read it. yours it hip, modern, and neat!

  4. JKL, that is awesome and i'm so jealous of you.

    ashley, oops! it sounded just like my friend nick.


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