Saturday, March 13, 2010

a walk in the park

Today was a very good day! The weather was amazing! It was supposed to be rainy and 60...BUT! instead it was 75 and sunny! I went to the new outdoor mall outside of my NEW apartment! That's right. We live in the best location ever. And Ashley accompanied me the entire time! It was nice just strolling around with our babies.

(camdyn lounging around)

(wyatt soaking in some rays)

Then we went to Costco and renewed our membership. Costco let me hold Wyatt in my new card picture!

So for those of you that are curious about my new apartment, you will just have to wait. I don't want to post any REAL pics until I have it set up the way I want. It's pretty empty right now and I still need to get a few things. So it might be awhile. :)

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