Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight Watchers snacks

(VERY LONG AND EXHAUSTED SIGH HERE) Whew. Wyatt is finally asleep. Bedtime has been a BATTLE over here. He'll be completely beyond exhausted, but as soon as I put him in a horizontal position, he loses it. Last night I was so completely at my wits end that I just let him sit on my lap while he cried it out for a while. After bouncing him on my knee forever, I looked down and he was asleep. Tonight I refused to let him win. I pretty much just held him until he fell asleep... which felt like an eternity. I'm probably the WORSE person to be a mother because I can't STAND loud noises. Like, I want to punch people that are loud. Maybe I have very sensitive ears or something. So when I hear Wyatt have a screaming fit, I pretty much feel borderline insanity/rage. Is that bad? I'm just being honest here. (I would never hurt my son) Anyway, I have to pull a very special patience from deep, deep down. Enough about that.

The whole reason for this post is to share some of my favorite Weight Watcher's snacks. These are the things that make me feel like I'm not dieting at all (in reality I'm not).

1. Fiber One bars - 2 points
2. Just for one broccoli and cheese meals - 0 points
3. Low fat Yogurt - 1-2 points
4. Dried Mangoes - 3 points
5. Sugar free Tapioca - 2 points
6. Pop Chips - 3 points
7. Rice cakes - 2 points
8. Apple - 1 point
(all according to serving size)

I know I have Sriracha Hot Sauce pictured too. I did that because I want to show people that most seasonings/sauces are 0 points and make your food so much more interesting. For instance, I had chicken stir fry tonight seasoned with soy sauce (0 points) and sriracha (0 points). It was delicious. AND, it was only 5 points (one chicken breast is 5 points while the rest of the vegetables were 0 points).

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  1. Thanks for these ideas. I did good yesterday. Weighed myself this morning, lost a pound. This morning for breakfast I ate Fiber One muffin that I made and a cup of strawberries. Oh yeah and I walked 3 miles yesterday. Lets see if I can handle it again.


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