Friday, April 9, 2010

before and after

I am so happy to announce that I have lost another pound. So I'm down 12.5 pounds since March 17th. Isn't that totally amazing?! I've been eating so much fibrous foods that it's like a detox... if you know what I mean. :) I'm so anxious to look like this again...

That's me May of 08... 

(36 weeks, 3 days - 2 days before Wyatt was born)

I'm sick of being this post baby blob. I shouldn't have ate the way I did when I was pregnant. Oh my God I ate too much. I didn't want to be that kinda girl, but I was. WHY IS FOOD SO GOOD? Looking at that first picture kinda makes me depressed because I really don't think I'll ever look like this again. For one, my boobs are big now. I know, I know, I'm nursing... but how on earth are they going to go back down to a 34 B!? That's a joke. I'm a 38 very fully C. Like, I'm constantly trying to keep the girls in kinda C. I think I have a Mom body now. It's just not the same.

And here I am today....

(Oh my God, please excuse my mess. We're not done unpacking.)

Isn't it hilarious that I'm rockin' the same hair doo? It's my loungey look. Anyway, I need to start working out, but I hate it. Plus, it's really hard to get Josh to watch Wyatt so I can go. He's in the military and happens to work over nights, so he sleeps during the day. His shifts are around 12 hours, so he literally has to go to sleep when he gets home. Every once in awhile he'll just suck it up and stay awake and watch Wyatt, but it's really not fair to him, so I don't really worry about it. I do take walks with my son occasionally. I need to do it more though. WHINY WHINE WHINE WHINE. 

I wish there was a way I could work out without feeling like I was actually working out. 


  1. it's really messed up but it's all about the portions of food we eat and the times of the day we eat. and as of working out, I think going for 45 min walk with Wyatt every day would do the trick. I'm trying to work out right now and it's killing me. I hate running but thats like the only thing that gets my pounds off:(

  2. 12.5 pounds in less than a month? You're doing awesome, I'm jealous! What's your secret??

    I totally agree! I haaaate working out, but really need to do it...these left over baby pounds are really driving me crazy. Sometimes the feeling of disgust is pretty overwhelming. I'm sick of it!

    Also, BOOBS NOW?! I'm all like, "what the hell? since when do I have BOOBS?" I went to buy new clothes last weekend and nothing fit because of my boobs. I have neeeever had to deal with that problem before. I'm sure my husband is happy, but holy crap. I just want a dress that works already...

  3. having bigger boobs really isn't that great. i'd take tiny little perky boobs any day. i'm doing weight watchers! i pretty much eat anything with tons of fiber in it and low fat foods. so yeah, it really works. you should do it! it's incredibly easy.

  4. I know you've read my post.. but the 30 day shred is killer! After my 30 days i'm going to review it completely, and I think i'm going to do a giveaway! :) All i'm saying is ..its about 20 minutes a day and it is INCREDIBLE! of course I do more then that and walk, but still 20 minutes a day? who doesnt have time for that!

    Its tough though! I puked my first day! (i'm a fat ass!) and wanted to cry yesterday.. but its getting better and better! :)

  5. when levi went into basic i got this dvd called Turbo Jam. one of the workouts is 20 minutes..and literally in 10 days i lost 10 pounds and lost 13 inches overall. PLUS..its only 20 minutes, and its awesome. i would go to torrentz and download it. what you are doing thus far seems awesome in itself. my main thing is needing to tone now and get rid of the flab.

  6. brittany and ashley, both of those sounds good. maybe i need to look into them.

  7. wow I love gives me real hope....I am about 4.5 months pregnant with my first child and I am worried about putting on weight and I really hope to return back to the size I was before....So well done you and are looking great :)


  8. Hey Jess, how did you add the "you might also like" and the "link reaction"

  9. We have the same genes! haha my mother was the same way, and i will be too. I still haven't had a baby yet, but to be honest, i think your 'now' body is gorgeous!
    I've always been excited for it, but then again i might regret saying that someday. :P

    Either way, i think you look great. :)


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