Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breastfeeding at almost 6 months

I am still breastfeeding Wyatt, and I'm happy to. I often feel pressure to stop, but after a lot of thinking, I think I'm going to keep it up for a while. Here are my pros and cons...

1. It's very soothing for my son
2. Healthy
3. CHEAP! aka FREE!
4. No bottles, washing, pouring, or measuring
5. I can do it on the go (despite what people think, I believe breastfeeding is way easier to do short notice than bottle feeding)
6. Creates a strong bond

1. I miss the way my breasts used to look. *sigh*
2. My husband wants my breasts back. (I KNOW EW SORRY)

So, as you can see, the only thing really stopping me from breastfeeding is my own vanity. Oh, and I guess Josh, but not really. The truth is, I DON'T EVER WANT TO STOP. Nursing my son makes me feel like a good mama. Like I can give and sustain life. There really is nothing like looking down on your half sleepy, practically drunk son who is so comfy and calm.

Also, I just want to say that I in NO WAY judge ANYONE who hasn't/isn't breastfeeding. The most important thing is to feed the baby and I know that. Breastfeeding is just something that is right for me.



  1. :) I breast fed Aidyn as well, but I made it to about six months.. but couldn't make it much longer. I'll probably breast feed next time until about the same time if not longer!

  2. How about calorie burn from bf'ing ---I totally love the FREE aspect and the calorie burn! I'm at 8 1/2 months now--but I am sick of pumping the extra milk, sick of people walking in on me at work pumping, my husband wants them back too lol, and biting is becoming a bigger problem despite my attemps to curtail it--keep it up! Good job--only like 20 % of moms make it past 6 months! Great job!

  3. I would have just now stopped nursing if my body accepted Camdyn's growth spurts. I think what you are doing is by far the best thing obviously. Trust me...spending $125 on formula alone sucks..and thats without diapers. Thank God he is going to milk now. I miss that bond I had with Camdyn..but thankfully Levi got to see it a few months when he first got back from Iraq. Nothing can ever break that bond. If you kept nursing till he was 2..then we might have an issue..but what you are doing is great. I nursed in public like you did and it wasnt so bad. You're a GREAT keep it up! Josh will get em back eventually.. : )

  4. nothing wrong with nursing til 2.... i did it with all my kids (other than daughter, who weened at 1 1.5 by choice). they have super healthy bond and immune system. its natural and it use to be done allll the time in days gone by, nothing wrong with it.


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