Friday, April 30, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen is for lovers

Yesterday I was bad. But it felt so so good. I'll explain later.

We drove out to Richmond and stopped by Urban Outfitters. I didn't buy anything, but I was so tempted to. I really don't want to get new clothes until I'm down to the size I want to be. It's been really hard to resist shopping though.

Here's Wyatt on a bean bag at UO.

Okay, now I'm going to explain why I was so bad. 

I ate at California Pizza Kitchen and split all of this with my husband. I really don't feel that bad about it either. I'm back on track now, but I really needed to just go crazy for a night. I ate great all day, just went nuts at dinner. It is what it is. It's done and over with, and it was delicious.


  1. Awww love the daddy wyatt picture! SO cute! Have fun while indulging! It makes it worth it! :) Have a good Friday!

  2. I looove CPK! Their Chopped Salad is worth the trip and of course, you gotta have pizza.

  3. Yum! Those dishes all look soooo good! Such a cute picture of Wyatt!

  4. CPK is our favorite restaurant! I told you we were meant to be besties! And right on for not feeling guilty.. everyone's allowed to indulge now and then!


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