Saturday, April 10, 2010

Favorite moments

Some of my favorite moments with my son are when I'm nursing him. I love how he caresses my face or my neck while we're together. The big guy upstairs really knew what he was doing when he created that bond between mother and child.

Anyway, not to change the subject... but...

Wyatt is a criminal. Today I was out walking with my Husband at the outdoor mall around our house. We were in Barnes and Noble and Wyatt must of grabbed an Eric Carle caterpillar from a shelf...

And we left with it. We didn't pay for it. The only reason I realized that this happened was because it fell out onto the sidewalk from his stroller. Yep, Wyatt STOLE. A part of me was kinda excited about this because we got away with nabbing a $19.95 stuffed toy. Wyatt gets what Wyatt wants.


  1. ohhh goodness! lol.

    As for the nursing.. I LOVED the way that Aidyn would hold my face or cuddle with me! It makes all the work worth it!

  2. He sounds like his Mom Mom... she also gets what she wants :)

  3. p.s. This is a fabulous picture!

  4. Oh and I just realized you also have a human calendar. I feel a bond with you now. They're just so cute!

  5. josh and i were kinda excited that it happened. i don't know... there was no going back to the store at that point.

    jennifer, thanks! it's good editing.. that's all.

  6. paige, yes they are! and so is the name paige.

  7. Awh, thanks for that sweet and random compliment. Speaking of names, I like jess too as I know a lot of super great people by that name. And I think wyatt is a great name. If I ever have a boy it will be between wyatt and sawyer.


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