Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a terrible mother

I am the worst mother EVER.

Okay, so this morning when I was getting ready for the day, Wyatt was screaming his head off so bad that I just couldn't take it anymore. I put him in his swing in the living room and went into the bathroom to put make up on. So he stopped crying and was being all cute and talking to himself, and I could hear him from the other room. Everything's great right? So he starts crying again. That loud, piercing scream that he does when he's pissed that I won't hold him. I decided to finish putting make up on and tend to him when I'm done.

When I went out to the living room, WYATT WAS HANGING FROM HIS SWING HEAD FIRST AND SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF. I rushed over to him and grabbed him and almost started crying. His head was literally touching the ground and his body still in the swing. HE'S NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE! I wasn't expecting him to flip himself out of the swing. I know I should of strapped him in, but I really didn't think he would/try to get out of it.

I mean, Wyatt just started rolling over and sitting up, so I should have expected it. He's fine now. But it was pretty terrible this morning.

Anyway, we went to the thrift store and the mall today. Here are my Goodwill purchases...

Some baby clothes: Overalls from Baby Gap and a Dickies shirt

And a really cool Ikea lamp for the living room.

Oh, and a brand spankin' new OXO canister that I'm using for baby food storage.


  1. oh boy!!! sounds like a bad morning... but, kids are kids, just wait and see when he starts walking and hurting himself falling, triping...My brother is 13 years younger than me and i was like his second mom.. lol... he used to get into all sorts of dangerous stuff.

  2. Poor honey! Good thing he wont remember ANY of it.. but YOU will. Just know you are NOT a bad mommy! You are great mommy! If you were a bad mommy, you wouldn't have felt bad! The fact that your heart hurt, means that you are a GREAT mom!

  3. did you ever read my post about how I was letting Mimi "cry it out" in her crib when she awoke mid-night and I let the poor thing cry herself back to sleep in a pile of her own vomit---I felt so horrible, I cried about it a lot. Next baby--video monitor for me!

  4. JKL, OH MY GOD. that sucks! i would have felt bad too... i have zero backbone. i wish i could let wyatt cry it out. it would save me a lot of sleep.

  5. when camdyn was three months old..i put him in his carseat carrier and put him in the kitchen with me. i didnt strap him in..and while i was putting groceries away he rolled out and bam fell all the way from the counter to the hard kitchen floor. he was screaming and wasnt i had to call levi and he had to come home from work and take us to the hospital. he was absolutely fine..but something i will NEVER EVER forget. ive learned not to turn my back for any amount of time these days. before you know it, they are doing something they shouldnt. you are not a bad mommy...we just have our moments, and we learn from them. love the lamp you got. i need to go with you next time to see what good stuff i can get. our family room is naked now..nomore baby stuff.

  6. I thank God on every remembrance of you. Grace is God covering for us when we don't deserve it. Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous. Love ya.


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