Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mmm Mmm Mmm - CRASH TEST DUMMIES from LeperMessiah__ on Vimeo.

I remember being kinda freaked out by this video when I was a kid. Want to know something funny? When I was really little, I was allowed to watch MTV. And it kinda scarred me. I remember this weird commercial of tongues touching on MTV and I would hide my face behind my Dad's back. HE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY?! But as I grew older, and had other siblings, we were protected from things like that. TOO BAD I REMEMBER. It's okay. It just makes me wonder how I'll be with Wyatt. Josh was allowed to watch all the horror/sexy/terrible movies he ever wanted when he was a kid. Maybe because he's a boy? I don't know. My Mom was such a nut that sometimes Halloween was evil, and other times it was just a holiday for candy. I definitely want to protect Wyatt's mind, but Josh is much more lax about the issue. :(

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