Thursday, April 8, 2010

My birth story

I love reading people's birth stories...

Here's mine Wyatt 10.7.09

Tell me yours!


  1. Just read yours! Sounds awesome! My labor was miserable and long... ick! :) Good thing it ended brilliantly! :)

  2. Love the birth story! Here's mine, although it's pretty freakin long:

    Also, I just posted a picture of Wyatt on my blog with a rite-up/link to your site. Hope that's okay...The pic made my day and I had to share! Hopefully you'll get new readers this way!!

  3. allie, when i read your birth story it's what inspired me to dig up mine. i should of given you some props, sorry! but yours is pretty nuts dude.

  4. Just now got this comment reply! I didn't know you had already read mine, that's funny! Yours is very sweet. Would you do it again??

  5. i would actually. having a baby was fun for me.. and the pregnancy was really easy too. i had back pain towards the end but that's it. no morning sickness or nothing. my husband on the other hand, he's pretty solid on having just one. but we'll see. :)


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