Thursday, April 22, 2010

my confession

Hey everyone. I have a small confession to make. I secretly gained 3 pounds last week. I was so upset about it and was trying to lose it like mad. Well, I finally did. Now I'm back to where I was. Down 16.5 pounds. I was so ashamed of myself and I just couldn't understand why I wasn't losing. But it is what it is, and it's over. So I'm back on track and ready to lose more.

I'm going to start doing P90X soon. I've been going to the gym in the meantime. We bought resistance bands today and hopefully they'll work pretty well. Ah, working out is such a hassle. I always have such good intentions but it's just hard to follow through. I'm still working out though, and that's the most important thing. I could tell that I was in better shape when I went to the gym last night. Working out was a breeze. The Shred actually made me more fit. I will continue to do the shred randomly, most likely. It really is a good work out. I'm just such an idiot and can't do two different exercises at once without getting confused and messing up.

Anyway, Wyatt is still trying to crawl like mad. I know he's going to do it. He is determined. When do babies normally start crawling?


  1. They usually start crawling at anywhere from 5-7 months. He is a beauty and with that form, he'll have it in the bag by next week, I'm sure. Good luck with the workout, it can be so hard sometimes but you're so driven, I'm sure you'll reach your goal. Keep us posted! Love.

  2. Hey weight goes up and down! You are doing the right thing girl! You can do it!

    Per usual.. your mister man is AHHH DOOOR AHHH BULL! I was so flippin' excited about every milestone Aidyn accomplished. He walked by like 10 months.. Now I'd give anything to keep him in one place! lol (only slightly kidding!)


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