Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Double Down Sandwich from KFC

I actually googled this. This beautiful, delicious sandwich from KFC. I've never had it, but I have watched people's reactions when eating it. Their faces literally light up with JOY and they can't help but moan in ecstasy. I want to eat it so badly. It's actually only 540 calories, BUT! It's 32 grams of fat. Can you believe that? Now, I technically could eat it, but it's a whopping 14 weight watcher's points... but then I'd have to sacrifice a meal to make up for it later. I only get 23 weight watcher's points, so 14 in one shot is a lot. But I'm seriously considering getting this sandwich tomorrow. 

I did level 2 of the shred today. Well, sorta. I spent the 20 minutes trying to figure out how to make my body move the same way Jillian Michael's body moved. It's so frustrating to me that I'm not a multi-tasker when I work out. I can't seem to do legs and arms at the same time. We bought P90X from somebody on craigslist today and I watched the first DVD. It seems intense but at least it's not multi-tasking. You know you're doing a push up and you know you're doing a sit up. Doing legs and arms at the same time is insanely hard for me. I'm going to re-do the shred tonight so I can possibly do it better. I barely worked out tonight because I was so confused with level 2. I suck. But I'm going to finish the 30 day shred and then move on P90X. I'm not entirely convinced that the shred is really going to do anything for me. Josh watched it with me today and he wasn't all that impressed (my husband is pretty experienced with working out). 

Anyway, Wyatt is pretty close to figuring out how to crawl. He can completely lift his body up with his arms extended. He lifts himself up and kinda just looks around and it's adorable. But he keeps pushing himself backwards. Poor thing. He wants to crawl so bad. Every time I lay him on the floor he immediately flips onto his belly and tries to crawl. I know everyone says that once they crawl they're into everything, but I'm actually anxious for him to crawl. I'm hoping that with this newfound ability he'll be more independent and want to explore the apartment. And then I can selfishly do whatever I want, for a short amount of time of course. Am I alone in this want?

This is a bad picture example because he's not completely holding himself up with his arms. I haven't taken a picture of him doing this yet. But I will!


  1. I guess everyone is different. I know that JUST doing the tape isn't going to get you great results. You only burn 250 calories.. but still 250 calories (depending on your weight) Is a lot in 20 minutes. You have to give it your all. I am seeing great results! My clothes are getting bigger and the ones that are tight are fitting better. All and all i'm seeing great results. I think its all about your attitude. I love level 2!

  2. yeah, 250 calories is a lot. but i've burned more calories doing the eliptical for 20 minutes. i don't know. i guess i'm feeling down tonight because i want faster results. i really really want to be bathing suit ready by this summer and i'm just feeling like it's never going to happen. i'm a big debbie downer tonight. :(

  3. Crawling is WONDERFUL. You put them down on the floor with a little gate and as long as you're keeping a loose eye on them, it's the first time since birth you have a moment's peace. I love it when they learn to crawl..and hold the bottle themselves. Bliss.

  4. Aunt June actually called me to tell me about this sandwich because she knew Uncle Donny would love it. Maybe you could eat half with a side salad?

  5. Oh god!!! That sandwich is making me so hungry. I'm trying to watch what I eat and stay away from anything that's sugary or full of fat but this sandwich is on my mind now. So I cannot really thank you, lol, but I just have to control myself now:))) it's funny cause when I'm on diet I notice food everywhere. Like tv has so many commercials with yammy/ bad for you food. It's really sad, though.


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