Sunday, April 18, 2010

Organized my fridge

It was a nice day today. Our friend Dave came over and we all headed over to the mall in Norfolk. We walked around and then ate at Max and Erma's. And then we came home. Josh is napping, and Wyatt's out for the night. Simple day, but nice all the same.

I did the Shred tonight and I think I'm ready to move up to level 2. It was almost easy working out. Almost. I'm not going to lie.

On a completely different note, I cleaned out my fridge today. It needed it bad. Josh bought a bunch of beer and decided to move everything all over the place to make room for his precious beverage (notice the sarcasm). So I went ahead and organized.

I'm really getting sick and tired of throwing out expired, UNOPENED food. Our fridge is so small that once it gets packed, we can't see anything in the back of it. I threw out expired milk, pineapple, bologna, and eggs. Plus a few other random things. It's so irritating. I've got to figure out a way to utilize my fridge better.

God this post is so boring.


  1. um.. yeah... beer is sort of important... my bf stuffs beer bottles anywhere he finds a space.

  2. :) You sound like a wife and mother.. and thats adorable! Good job on the shred. I'm hitting it hard this week! I might even double up my shreds!

    Keep me posted on level 2!


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