Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a question

Do you guys think it's wrong if I quit the shred and just did P90X? I feel obligated to finish my 30 days, but I also don't want to waste valuable work out time. I really want to get as close to hotness before the summer hits. I don't want to quit if you guys think I shouldn't. I DO NOT WANT TO DISAPPOINT MY READERS. Okay, that was lame. Let me know your thoughts...

P.S. I am not quiting working out.


  1. Do whatever makes you happy! :) if you think p90x will get you better results then go for it! You are the one that has to do it! NOT US! :)

    Good luck on whatever you decide!

  2. Try p90x if you want---it's your life dude. As long as you're working out right?

  3. I think you should just do the p90x! Especially since you're still breastfeeding and that already burns 800 calories a day! Maybe when you're finished breastfeeding you could start the shred again?

  4. Don't work out and just eat fiber one yogurt all day. Thats what I want to do.


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