Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Shape of a Mother.

I found this awesome site called The Shape of a Mother. It really gives you insight about the female body and the NATURAL things that happen to it post baby. Sometimes I think women feel alone in their bodies because of what is always subjected to us from T.V. and magazines and stuff. Not trying to be all feminist or whatnot, but it really opened my eyes to what REALLY happens, and I'm not alone.

So check out The Shape of a Mother.

Yes, I got stretch marks. I had Wyatt 2 days after this picture was taken at 36 weeks.


  1. that website is pretty sweet. the trouble spot i still have is about three inches of my belly. from my belly button down..i hate it. i blew up so quickly with preclampsia stomach took a beating. one day it will hopefully be to my liking!

    that is the most amazing website ive ever seen. i just posted in on my FB for all my mamas to see. I have a 3 yr old and a 7 month old and i gained 60 lbs each pregnancy. I had a c section with the 2nd one, which will leave my body never the same.
    Thanks for the link!!

  3. ohmagawd. my belly is so stretch marky. we call it raisin belly. three kids later i have learned to just embrace it ;)


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