Thursday, April 8, 2010

skipping bottles

So, I have never really been able to get Wyatt to drink from a bottle. I've tried lots of different bottles too. Or, rather, lots of different nipples. He doesn't get the concept of a bottle, which is strange because he LOVES a sippy cup. Today I gave him a few ounces of grape juice in the Avent Magic Cup with zero problems.
If he still proves to like this, I think I may start pumping again. And then if I can get him to drink breast milk from it, I will slowly transition formula. I'm thinking I'm going to take my time with this because I'm in no hurry to just give him formula, but I do want him to be weened... eventually. The truth is, I don't know an exact time frame that I want to ween him. My husband is ready like yesterday. It's going to be very hard for me.

Another little discovery this week, Wyatt doesn't want to be nursed to sleep hardly anymore. I mean, I think he doesn't? He gets unbelievably fussy when I try to comfort nurse. I think my let down is too fast for him during that time because he's not trying to eat, just suck. A pacifier helps 50 percent of the time, but I have found that I just have to lay him down with his glow worm and let him cry for a bit. I usually go in and pick him up a few times, but eventually he falls asleep. I think Wyatt is growing up on his own, which I never thought would happen. I thought I had spoiled him forever and that he was going to need to be rocked and nursed to sleep till he's 16. We haven't mastered him sleeping on his own all night though. Last night was probably one of the worst nights ever. THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO TO CALM HIM AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING. I had to constantly pick him up and rock him, just for him to scream in my face even more. Eventually he kinda just passed out in my arms in bed... and I was so angry. CAN YOU SAY BABY SHAKEN SYNDROME? (TOTALLY KIDDING!) I know he didn't know what he was doing, but I was so tired I thought I was going to lose it. At one point I had to lay him in his crib and just put the pillows over my head and just let him cry. I'm just being honest, sorry...

So, I need help. How often should I be feeding Wyatt solids? I noticed I'm not nursing all that much. Maybe like 3 times a day, and then randomly at night. Should I be nursing more? I've been giving Wyatt as much food as he wants. I generally open a jar and just sorta feed him until he seems to not want anymore. What's the best way to approach this?

Isn't this beautiful? When I lived in Alaska I once drove up a mountain and took some pictures of everything up there... isn't it amazing!? Sometimes I miss Alaska.


  1. I def make sure that Camdyn eats one veggie a day now..and if he wants more then we give him more. Its somewhat up to him I would say ya know? I think you are doing right..but I did the same thing you are doing now..and slowly but surely my breast milk supply was not keeping up with Camdyn. I only nursed maybe twice a day then right before bed..and then once he got ahold of formula, he really didnt want me anymore, which made me sad. I dont think there is a wrong or right to this at all, and you are doing fine thus far. lately camdyn has been waking up just screaming and nothing will calm him down..until he farts A LOT and burps as well. then i rock him for about 5 min and all is good. its hard to hear especially if we are tired. i used to get extremely frustrated and would cuss and rant..but hey..its a fact of life and if by no means says we're bad parents. its literally a learn as we go process which isnt always easy to hear. good're doing a good job!!

  2. I agree with the frusteration thing. Aidyn was colicky so it was tough. More ofthen then not we cried together at night. He cried himself to sleep most nights because it didn't matter what I did he wanted to cry. It was a tough first year, but after that it got better.

    I transitioned to sippy cups right away from the breast. Even though he did take a bottle a few times when I went out or he went with his daddy for the day. But pretty much he went right to sippy cups. It was nice because it wasn't hard to get rid of the bottle, and we never had pacifiers. He used one for like two days.. but hated it afterwards.

    Wyatt wont starve himself! He'll eat when he's hungry... That was hard to wrap my head around when I was breast feeding. Since you cant measure the intake, but I promise.. he'll eat when he wants.. and he'll make it known!

  3. I know you don't know me but I randomly came across your blog and I read it now:) I have a son who was born just 4 days before Wyatt, and I think that's neat. I can tell you I have just changed my approach to my sons solids, and he still nurses quite a bit. We do breakfast is 4 tbsp oatmeal cereal with some cinnamon in it, and half a container of a fruit. The newest fruit we just tried is pear and wild blueberry and he seems to really like it, but whatever, followed by a nursing. I nurse once three hours or so after breakfast. I just introduced lunch (around two hours after the last nursing, but we are on no for sure schedule) and that is half a jar of meat meal (newest is apples and chicken, gross, but also chicken and chicken gravy or chicken squash and corn or we even do mac n cheese), and half of a container of veggies, followed by a nursing. Then three hours later (usually around 4:30, we have a late afternoon snack of the rest of the fruit he just ate that morning followed by a nursing, and dinner (around 7 or 7:30) is the rest of the meat or mac n cheese from lunch, half a container of veggie, and 4 tbsp cereal (rice or oatmel) with some cinnamon in it, also followed by a nursing. It seemed like a lot to me but he seems to be taking to it quite well, and I got this plan from gerber and my pediatrician liked it :) Then he has his bedtime routine consisting of a bath, lotion, jammies and a story and then he is usually super tired and to bed he goes. He wakes up around every three hours to nurse after that. Sorry if that was a lot, but I really wanted to make sure that he was getting everything he needed throughout the day and this was what we came up with. Before this I was just giving him cereal and fruit for breakfast and a jar of whatever I wanted (veggie or whatever) for dinner. That was fine too.


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