Monday, May 10, 2010

8th pic/8th folder

I have been tagged by Brittany from Unexpected Surprises. I'm supposed to pick the 8th photo from my 8th folder and tell the story behind it. Well, here goes...

This was my Dad 7 short months ago. Wyatt was only a week old in this picture. We drove down to Maryland to see my Dad because he was too sick to make it down to Virginia for the birth. He was so disappointed and really really wanted to come but the chemo was really doing a number on him this time around and I ended up having Wyatt almost 4 weeks early. I really didn't want my Dad to miss out on his first grandchild so we made the 4 hour trip (it ended up taking us about 6 hours because of how much we had to stop). I remember the first time Dad saw Wyatt... he had this huge grin on his face and whispered "He's so tiny." I loved seeing his face. I felt so proud! I haven't done much to make my Dad proud, but I felt like I had really done something good this time. I seriously miss my Father so much. I think about him everyday and look through all the pictures I have. I listen to the last voicemail message he left on my phone everyday. I keep saving it every 20 days and am so paranoid that I'm going to forget one day and it'll be gone forever. I love my Dad so much and I am so happy to have pictures of him with his Grandson. I will definitely share this picture with Wyatt one day.

Okay, now time to tag YOU!


Feel free to participate even if I didn't tag you. It's a free country.


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  2. I love this picture! Your father was so proud of Wyatt and the last few months of his life were even happier because of him.

  3. Thank you for sharing that- I've never seen that picture. It's beautiful.

  4. Preserve as much as you can of your father. One day Wyatt will will be so glad that you did.

  5. That is a beautiful picutre and I am sure Wyatt will treasure it when he is older!!

  6. brought sweet tears to my eyes jess. im sure my sister showed him the ropes up worries. i saved my sisters voicemail recording to a hand held might want to do that too as a back up : )

  7. the first comment? ugh hate that! boo!

    Loving this picture! Thanks for playing along, this post was so beautifu it made me cry.



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