Friday, May 14, 2010

car troubles

It was such a nice day today. NOT. We had to get our brakes fixed. 447 dollars later we aren't driving a death trap anymore. I'm glad though because I want to make trips back home when Josh deploys. Which by the way is TUESDAY. Retardo. I have to admit I've barely thought about it though. It's really not real to me this time. Last time he deployed I bawled my eyes out every time we even talked about it. I'm thankful that I have the distraction of a needy 7 month old, but on the same note that makes me a bit sad too. I'm more sad for Wyatt than anything else. He loves Josh now. His Dad cracks him up and really gets him going. I really would hate for Wyatt to lose that with him. Next time he sees Josh he'll be about 15 months old. That's insane. He'll literally not know his funny Dad anymore. I know that plenty of military families deal with this on a day to day basis and for even longer periods of time, but it still sucks and is very difficult.

Here's some pics from the last few days...

On another note, Weight Watchers is going pretty good. I'm down 22 pounds and just truckin' away. I still have a ways to go. I'm doing P90X everyday, but I've stopped doing the extra cardio at the gym. I haven't been able to keep up with it because Josh has been preparing for this deployment and I can't bring Wyatt to the gym. He gets way too bored. 

Oh! And Wyatt has been trying to pull himself up today. It was crazy watching him try to do it at the auto shop. We were shocked. Is that normal? He can't even crawl yet.


  1. My cousins baby was walking at 9 months jess. And a friend of mine when she was little was walking at 7 months...Might be here sooner than later :-) Have fun

  2. YOU have 2 hunks on your hankds!!! :)


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