Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fire roasted

Not much to update.

Here's a bunch of random videos of Wyatt from the last few days.

And so, today I made Josh homemade pizza and breadsticks. It was totally yummy and awesome but I'm an idiot and did something ridiculous. I've been keeping our George Foreman grill in the oven because we lack space in our kitchen. I actually forgot that I was doing that and pre-heated the oven for 500 degrees. Yeah, the George Foreman grill caught on fire. Josh and I pretty much scrambled around the house like idiots trying to put the fire out. Scary.

And instead of loading up my blog with insane amounts of Wyatt pictures, I just made one mad crazy collage for you to stare at.

Okay world. Good Night.


  1. Poor George! That totally sounds like something I would do! I love the Wyatt collage and your pizza looks SO good. Can't wait to watch the videos tomorrow (H is sleeping right next to me and I'm afraid it will wake him :)

  2. The last video is my favorite..he's just moving his head and just making all kinds of noises now. Such a little cutie! Glad the whole pizza ordeal didn't get any worst...I would have been freaking out too!

  3. Oh my gosh stove fire! haha I'm glad you're all ok and that pizza looks delicious!

  4. Love the video.
    Love the pics.
    Want to love that pizza in my mouth.
    Love that you have left things in the oven too! :) lol.. I'm not alone!

  5. Did the george foreman survive? Sounds like something I would do. I totally leave burners and the oven on ALL THE TIME no matter how hard I try to remember. I'd blame it on pregnancy brain... but this has been happening for years. lol.
    I just found your blog. Love it so far. We have similar personalities, I think.

  6. He is so adorable!
    That pizza looks yummy!!!!


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