Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy day

Well I had an unexpectedly nice Mother's day. I thought it was going to suck to be quite honest with you. I woke up at 7 am with Wyatt and tried to get Josh to take him for a while so I could sleep. No luck with that. He just wouldn't wake up. So after a few hours of being with Wyatt in the morning, it was time for him to take his morning nap, which I took with him. 2 whole hours baby! I got to sleep 2 hours. And so I decided at that point to screw Mother's day and just forget about it. So after the nap we came back out to the living room and played with some toys and ate breakfast. Josh finally got up and wished me a Happy Mother's day. Now, for some reason Wyatt has been needing a lot of sleep lately, so he took another nap shortly after his first. Another 2 hours! That's right, Wyatt and I napped another 2 more hours. I guess Josh was feeling guilty while I took my 2nd nap and ran out and got me a card and roses. It was nice.

Once I woke up from my 2nd nap it was 1 o'clock. I'm terrible. It felt so amazing though. I decided to forget about dieting for the day and make Mother's day worth it. We went to TGI Friday's and I got bruschetta chicken pasta and reeses cup pie. Oh, and also a ton of potato skins with sour cream, cheese, and bacon. Afterwards we walked around Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and HHGregg. It was a really nice day. Josh was really helpful with Wyatt and held him most of the day. Such a nice break.

The funniest thing about the day was that I had 2 blackberry mojitos and actually got a slight buzz from it. I'm such a light weight. I haven't drank in over a year and it was so crazy how light headed I felt from those 2 lame weak drinks. Oh well. I should of got plastered.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! I'm so glad it turned out to be such a good one! Wyatt gave you the ultimate gift...extra sleep :) You totally deserve it (and those Mojitos!)

  2. Glad your day turned out better then expected, and you got lots of good sleep!

  3. happy mamas day these pics are adorable


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